Teacher Aide - Para Professional Career Study Program

"Do you have a dream? Dreams can come true. I gave a speech when I graduated that was called - I have a Dream, Do You Have A Dream? - Some of my dreams are coming true. I am married and I work at Safeway and I love it. I want other people to dream too. Erica E.A.

Here's what some of the students in this program are saying:

"People with developmental challenges can learn. To do it they must want to learn and have someone to help them. I am in the Teacher aide program becauseI want to help my friends learn. By teaching others I found a new self confidence." Gail C.

"The IAL was the first school that ever told me I was able. I'm now in the Teacher Aide Program, and I love it. All these studies are going to help me get a good job." Marianne L.

"I love learning! Critical thinking and Basic Belief classes helped me to learn about myself. I have the ability to help people learn, so I am now learning to be a Teacher Aide. As a married man I want to make a living wage at something I love to do. Aaron A.

The IAL offers graduates who are interested and have shown a proficiency in assisting as Teacher Aides within the classes at the IAL, have the opportunity to take classes in Teacher Aide Training.

The course has been developed around a 3 year course of study.

Year 1

General Overivew of what it means to be a Teacher's Aide in a Special Education program. The difference between clerical and academic teacher aide.Be trained in specific job responsibilities. And continue to develop their 8th grade proficiency level.

Year 2

Academic courses as needed to be 8th grade proficient. Learn and experiment with sample 8th grade proficiency tests. Learn to use the want ads to find jobs, how to interview, and classes in professional conduct. Students in this year also begin paid on the job training in classes at the IAL and under the supervision and training of various teachers.

Year 3

Learn to develop lesson plans and teach 4 classes during the year under the classroom teacher supervision, develop a resume and portfolio, take the 8th grade proficiency test and do one hour per week of on the job teacher aide training.

Upon successful completion of this course and the successful completion of the 8th grade proficiency test, the person would then be eligible to be hired.