Who We Are

IAL is an adult education program which equips people who live with developmental or intellectual challenges to fill in the gaps remaining from past struggles with basic education, and to thrive at higher academic achievement levels, as well as to acquire new specialized skills in various disciplines which enrich our lives.

Our Program

IAL equips students to live academically, professionally and spiritually rich lives.

IAL advances education from 3rd grade to 8th grade proficiency provedthrough CA-5 testing.

IAL levels the playing field for self advocacy and self determination - in other words, we want the students to become the teachers.

IAL employs individualized, instruction developed by cutting-edge curriculum design.

IAL changes hearts, minds and souls by providing highly acclaimed, specialized adult education.

Our History

The IAL was formed in 1995. Through research we learned that 89% of people with developmental challenges are educable, and that only 29% are actually being educated towards goals of self-advocacy and service to their communities.
In an effort to raise that educated percentile, the IAL began its first semester in 1995.

Our Educational Distinctive

  1. Education requires a holistic approach: development of body, mind, and spirit.
  2. Our communities are healthier when all people work and serve together.
  3. All people are created in the image of God and have a purpose to fulfill.
  4. All people have abilities which will enable them to be a transforming force in the world.

IAL Founders

While managing a group home for 30 years. Jim and Lorrie Lewis decided that their contribution to educating and enriching the lives of developmentally challenged adults was merely a drop in the bucket; surely more could be done.

IAL began its first semester in 1995 in order to fill the gap left by a public special education which provides no academics past 3rd grade to most students who have learning delays.

The surprising result was not only in the great success and enthusiasm of the classroom experience, but the thirst for knowledge exhibited by increased enrollment and long term commitments by the students. There is always a moment in education where a light bulb clicks on - but what we see are fireworks!

We're making history at IAL: there's no other way to say it!

Our Goals

  1. The Institute of Abundant Living will provide college classes for adults living with developmental disabilities.
  2. The Institute of Abundant Living will provide a network in which churches and the community become "HISability" aware and equipped to be more inclusive.